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Actress Vivian Jill Lawrence, Vivian Son Clinton and Evangelist Kwame Addai

Report reaching indicate that, Evangelist Kwame Addai Capitalized on a video to proof his stand, shows how Actress Vivian Jill Confirmed Sl€€ping with her Son allegation.

This is the video Evangelist Addai has capitalized to harm the good reputation of Actress Vivian Jill Lawrence.

What is wrong with a Mather dancing with a son?

The video shows Vivian Jill dancing with her son is one of the evidence from Evangelist Addai.

But, Actress Vivian Jill reacts to sleeping with her son allegation from Evangelist Addai and rained curses on him.

Watch Full Video Below:

Some women or men Play with their sons and daughters, which is not wrong but not knowing the limitation is the problem.

The bond between you and your son doesn’t mean you should bath with your grown up son but some do that.
Some women expose their Private parts in the name of “he’s my son” and it’s very dangerous.

This is a curse, and we think Actress Vivian Jill will NOT DO it, some Africans are suffering from tratidion curse.

Therefore, it is time Ghanaians address this case and stopped it before another trending video from Evangelist Addai.

Finally, Popular Kumasi-based actress Vivian Jill blasted social media Evangelist Addai for saying she sleeps with her eldest son, Clinton.


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