QueenLet dropped new powerful single titled “Holy Fire” (Video & Audio) Lyrics.

QueenLet dropped Holy Fire
QueenLet dropped Holy Fire
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Soakat Gospel Minister Queen Leticia, popularly known as QueenLet, stated ELOHIM showed His Powerful Beauty in another embodiment, the tangible Presence of the Holy Spirit Fire that took place during Holy Fire videos filming and after.

According to Testimonies from individuals, both real time and dreams, Holy Fire song was born out of the womb of the HOLY SPIRIT, the promise JESUS – Yeshua Hamashiach sent.

AfricaChurches.com.com analyst, since the Genesis of time, no man or woman has been able to define the “KOMASI GOD” as He said to Moses “I am who I am”.

QueenLet speaks rhema music, melodious music and harmonious songs into your life, to define “Ko Ma Si” God [inimitable God, incomparable God, None like you].

“There is none Holy like the Lord: for there is none besides you;
there is no rock like our God” – 1 Samuel 2:2 ESV.

“The angel of Adonai appeared to him in a FIRE blazing from the middle of a bush. He looked and saw that although the bush was flaming with fire, yet the bush was not being burned up” – Exodus 3:2 CJB

Hence, another Soaking & Atmospheric [SoakAt] genre of music, that will automatically make you whoop with Holistic laughter in the HOLY FIRE.

Get ready to meet the Davidic worship leaders of our time.

The single that Acknowledge the authority and the power of Elohim through the Holy Spirit FIRE.

Therefore, It is only the metamorphosis in your life that can end the mockery.

Hence, this is the hour of “Holy Fire” in times like Russian and Ukraine War, the pandemic, an epidemic of an infectious disease that has spread across multiple continents or worldwide.

Furthermore, Ghanaian, Nigeria connected Germany based gospel singer, minister QueenLet is set to release her latest single in this month of January 2023, as one the first Gospel songs in year 2023.

Having kick-started her career a couple of years back, the sensational artist is today an accomplished artist who has carved a valuable musical niche for herself.

The soakat hitmaker QueenLet is promising music lovers, especially the gospel fraternity nothing but the best single.

Finally, this emerged as one of the greatest, idiosyncratic talents and gifts of the last days.
Watch Full UHD Video Below – “Holy Fire” by QueenLet

Holy Fire audio was recorded in Abuja – Nigeria by Sunny Pee, a multiple award winner Nigerian sound engineer but the video was filmed in Ghana by multiple award-winner Skyweb Videos.

The single track “Holy Fire” which is under the record label of “Debrich Group Of Companies” or “Debrich Group”.

Euro-African’s favourite record label Debrich Group in almost two years, have released five singles entitled; Dear Holy Spirit, Anwanwadwuma (Marvelous work), Empowered, WindBlow and the recent one known as HOLY FIRE.

QueenLet’s genre of music ‘Soakat’ raised eyebrows everywhere on social media since the year 2020, probably based on the fact that, she is the first person to introduce this genre in the gospel music industry.

QueenLet dropped Holy Fire
QueenLet dropped Holy Fire

Holy Spirit Fire come!
Believe me, or not
There is a Fire coming ei
There is a Fire coming oo
Believe me or not

Believe me or not
There is a Fire coming
There is a Fire coming
In His, In His name

Holy Spirit Fire
Is coming once again
Holy Fire! Holy Fire! Holy Fire!
Holy Fire! burn the sin within me
Holy Fire! burn the chaff within me

There is a Fire coming!
There is a Fire coming!
This fire is taking Dominion
Over everything.

Holy Spirit, you are the promise
Sent by Jesus…More lyrics

Source: AfricaChurches.com

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