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    Otis Binda

    Hi daddy, how are u doing? Am Otis Binda from Monrovia_ Liberia. I really like your teaching and the miracles u perform. I even watched one of your propheies; when the lady asked u to speak into life if u were a true man of God. Am facing a lot of spiritual problems father, Please daddy I want u pray for me to be delivered. I was attending the university but there is no money again to continue dad. I really want to come to where u church is, but how do I get there.

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    Follow pastor Alph on YouTube. Distance is not a barrier in the realm of the spirit.

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    Akinbode Alli

    How can I be assisted financially to come to AMI Johannesburg SA from Nigeria. I love to meet the man of God one on one. Akinbode Martins

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    man of god,i really need you to pray my family i need peace and money ,thank you god be with you all the time.

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    good afternoon my name is Regina I’m from Mozambique. I have ben watching pastor alpha lukau in YouTube and I need is halp, I’m suffering a lot and I don’t know what to do, my only hope is pastor lukau please help me, I don’t know to write english propyl, I have done bad things in my life but something talls me that I still have chance and pastor lukau is my only hope.

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    we love you man of God

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    I see Jesus in Pastor Alph Lukau, God is using this man in a unique way, highly anointed for difficult matters. I thank God to be in AMI, Bible comes alive in this church. It is my home. I love you man of God.

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    Oscar Haywood

    Hi Pastor, no doubt you are a man of God my wife and I are being attacked by marine spirits and we are seeking your help We are living in the UK and will like to visit you as early as possible.


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