Religious Revolution, The Generational Fathers Of Ghana Charismatic Movement – Bishop Sam Owusu divulge his encomium

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Dictionary of Ghana Charismatic Movement
Dictionary of Ghana Charismatic Movement From Top Left: Rev. Prof. Enoch Agbozo, Archbishop Duncan-Williams, Dr. Mensa Otabil, Evangelist Akwesi Amoako, Bishop Sam Owusu, Rev. Ransford Obeng, Bishop Charles AgyinAsare, Bishop James Saah, Dr. Christie Doe Tetteh, Rev. Eastwood Anaba, Rev. Sam Korankye Ankrah, Rev. Alfred Nyamekye, Bishop Tackie-Yarboi, Bishop Dag Heward-Mills, Rev. Robert Ampiah-Kwofi, Dr. Lawrence Tette, Bishop Gordon Kisseh etc.

Groundbreaking, revolutionary and a man of GRACE Bishop Dr. Sam Owusu dropped another spiritual encomium, eulogy, appreciation, insight, waves and prophetic frequency of Ghana’s Charismatic Movement, Key Leaders as and reported.

According to analyst, Bishop Sam Owusu accolades Ghanaian Charismatic Movement and their key leaders. homage the move, which began in 1960’s just after the Ghana’s independent revolution which brought religious freedom according to Bishop Sam Owusu.

Also, Scripture Union began to pray and there arose revival in all the universities especially University of Ghana, Legon and spread to Cape Coast University and then to Kumasi, Takoradi and other parts of the country.

So, the secondary schools were not left out and we saw the prayer gathering movement by Rev Dr Enoch Agbozo, Rev Markwei, Bishop Isaac Quaye, Rev Eastwood Anaba, Rev Steve Mensah, Rev Dr Ampiah Kwofi and Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams who returned from Nigeria with the Action faith movement.

Pastor Dr Mensa Otabil and Rev Nii Amponsah, Bishop Gordon Kisseh, Bishop Charles Agyinasare, Bishop James Saah, Bishop Tackie Yarboi, Rev Sam Korankye, Bishop Addai Mensah, Rev Frizginald Odonkor, Dr Lawrence Tetteh, Bishop Dag Heward Mills, and in Kumasi we saw Evangelist Akwesi Amoako, Rev Saforo, Rev Alfred Nyamekye, Rev Kwame Poku, Rev Asante Gyimah, and in Takoradi we saw the prayer move by the late rev dr Reginald ofori Twumasi, bishop ebernazer sefah, bishop emmanuel botwe, rhw late bishop fergurson layn and many others were all part of young men who were praying fervently for Ghana’s revival that brought the charismatic #renaissance in Ghana.

Hence, I have carefully under studied these great men of God by observation, consultation and research. Here are my findings:

As a result,

My observations:

1. These guys were one in prayer till today. Some of them still pray together today.
2. They were focused on the future and hence they build their lives to see today and even tomorrow.
3. They all married almost the same time between 1979 to 1989
4. They all started their churches between 1979 to 1989
5. They all started as pastors And evangelist and today they are all fathers of churches.
6. They all meet together to think about the future and now they are still doing same
7. They all connect themselves and host themselves till today.
8. They all attend each other’s programme on invitation or without any invitation
9. Some of them had issues but that never allowed them to insult each other.

Even more, if you are a student of history it will be very difficult to find out they are not in good terms. Like that of Dr Mensah Otabil and Archbishop Duncan Williams who were very close friends.

Above all, some of us are praying to see them preach for each other and the almost the same trend is in Nigeria between Bishop David Oyedepo and Papa Ayo Oritsejafor.

10. They have supported each other till today.
They can even support you financially. Like that of Bishop Dag and Rev Steve Mensah. That of Archbishop Duncan and Rev Eastwood Anaba.
11. They all appreciate each other’s ministry gift and different operations.
12. They encourage themselves and talk to themselves till today.
13. They are almost the same age difference. All of them are in their 60’s.

14. Now all their first born are into ministry and they are married and I have discovered their children too are coming together to form a very strong formidable network to continue what their parents are doing.

15. All of them have receive government endorsement and been part of the nation’s development.

16. They all have maintain and worked on their integrity till today.
17. They are not above criticisms, accusations and jealousy but they remain mute, godly and humble for the sake of the gospel.

Likewise, they have all been accused but they support each other and now they are better.

Therefore, I wonder what happened to us the second generational fathers who are supposed to do better.

Due to, I am overwhelmed about the rate of hatred, fight, competition, controversies, confusion, malice, lies and pull him down syndrome.

Certainly, I am in tears. I am in tears. I am in tears.

So, Oh! lord help the next generation of fathers. Oh! Lord forgive us.

But, who can call all of us together, Bishop Sam Owusu asked?

Finally, I think Pastor Eastwood, Bishop Charles Agyin Asare, Rev. Robert Ampiah-Kwofi, Bishop Dag Mills etc can help.

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