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Rev. Steve Mensah is the leader of Charismatic Evangelistic Ministry (CEM) worldwide.

Mission Statement

To seek and save the lost at all cost through the preaching of the gospel, and to reach out and transform lives in society through social action.

Vision Statement

To make Charismatic Evangelistic Ministry a place where members can experience spiritual growth and maturity, be empowered for effective Christian living, be blessed to be a blessing, reaching out and transforming lives, through the teaching of God’s word.

Charismatic Evangelistic Ministry
Charismatic Evangelistic Ministry (CEM) Church Building With Members.

Core Values

God’s word

We work and live by the Bible as our constitution.


We are dedicated to the service of God and serving mankind.


We uphold the highest standard of integrity in the work of the ministry.


We are accountable to God in whatever we do, and accountable to the people we lead.


We sacrifice our time, energy, and resources for the salvation and transformation of the lives of people.


We are committed to God, to his work and to the people he has brought under our leadership.


We work hard for the betterment and advancement of the Business of the Kingdom of God.


We create the avenue for every member of the church to contribute their quota to the big vision, and work as a team.


We welcome all people to our church without discrimination and show them the love of God.


We have respect for our people and encourage our members to hold each other in high respect.


We strive to live morally according to the ethics, principles and standards of God and the Christian Faith.

Charismatic Evangelistic Ministry

Location of Charismatic Evangelistic Ministry:
23 Kofi Annan Avenue,North Legon, Accra
North Legon, Accra – Ghana.

Charismatic Evangelistic Ministry Contact:
0200 77 83 83 /

Charismatic Evangelistic Ministry Sunday Services
First Service – 7:00 AM GMT
Second Service – 10:00 AM GMT

Charismatic Evangelistic Ministry
Charismatic Evangelistic Ministry (CEM) Logo


Source: – Ghana Churches News Portal


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