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Artiste Victoria Orenze
Artiste Victoria Orenze

Victoria Orenze born on 23rd March 19.., is a Nigerian gospel artiste, singer, songwriter, recording artiste and stage performer who firmly believes that true worship should direct people to Jesus Christ.

She made her debut when she assisted Nathaniel Bassey in the song “Alagbada” after which she released a great worship song titled “On Fire”.

Victoria Orenze has been leading worship in various circles and in December 2016, she had her concert titled “Return”.

Victoria is a very private person, so it is difficult to find a lot of personal information about the gospel singer on the Internet.

She is a very talented singer. Her voice brings the gospel to the public and preaches the salvation of the soul through the worship of God.

She says that every Christian should sincerely believe in the Almighty God, entrust themselves to Him and follow the path of purity.

It is not just about performing the actions prescribed in the Bible. It is also necessary to fully understand and embrace one’s connection with Jesus Christ.

Victoria Orenze music is really all about spiritual enlightenment. She often collaborates with other gospel singers such as Nathaniel Bassey, Sinach, Praize, Frank Edwards and Sammy Okposo.

One of her most frequent partners is Nathaniel Bassey, who collaborated with her in the popular gospel song “Alagbada” a song that brought her to limelight and gave her public recognition.

Victoria Orenze added her musical success to her collaboration with Nathaniel Bassey in the hit song “Alagbada” and her beautiful voice made it all the more powerful.

She also released a solo single titled “On Fire”. She has participated in several concerts, programmes and other events both home and abroad that are organized for the purpose of worshiping God.

In December 2016, audience witnessed her great performance in “Return” a religious concert that touched and enlightened the minds of the audience.

This event and concert took place in the main hall of University of Lagos in Ojo, Lagos State in the south western part of Nigeria. Victoria Orenze led the performance and inspired the audience through her pleasant voice.

This Lady is an example for many, because her faith is sincere, and her musical talent is very inspiring. Her songs heal souls and makes people feel stronger in the lord.

It would be ideal if all musicians led their lives this way and avoided unsavory activities and scandals most especially by the media.

Victoria Orenze is a role model to the young generation. When you listen to her music, you will feel your spirit soar.

Her music will make you forget all the negative emotions that you are having and inspire you to start having positive emotion. Victoria Orenze is indeed a legend in the world of gospel music.

Victoria Orenze is currently one of the most gifted, most creative, most skillful and most talented gospel artistes in Nigeria.

Unfortunately we were unable to get more fact about this wonderful vocalist such as her date of birth, state of origin, place of birth, academic records and personal records due to her private life and her inability to grant interviews.

Victoria Orenze has sold several records and albums both home and abroad. Looking at her success in the world of gospel music, Victoria Orenze is currently one of the richest and most influential female gospel artiste in Nigeria with an estimated net worth of $250,000.

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