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Minister Daniel Jeddman
Minister Daniel Jeddman

Minister Daniel Jeddman is a Germany-based Ghanaian Gospel music iconic, who is a native from Kwahu in the Eastern region of Ghana. Minister Jeddman is a product of BSC in Mathematics from Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology Kumasi, Ghana.

He is by God’s grace an international praise and worship leader and a sensational music inspirer.

1. I am the first born of 5 siblings. My mother’s name is Rev Mrs Gifty Adu-Boahene, and father, Bishop Collins Adu-Boahene.

2. I am Single at the moment, but hopefully should marry soon when I meet the lady after God’s heart.

3. I was previously a very good drummer at my tender age and then gained more confidence with other instruments like bass guitar, saxophone and keyboard. But finally, I landed on keyboard which gave a completely different picture in music. It really boosted my full commitment to music and still up to date.

4. The Holy Spirit inspires is my greatest inspiration then comes Nana Kwame Ampadu. In natural senses, Nana Ampadu is my like my grandpa and a very great motivation towards my music career.

5. The music I create is full of high Inspiration and Motivation. I mostly try to target every music lover but in the direction of preaching the gospel through it. I was a school adviser those times, so I love to cheer people up even though at times I also have my own issues. It’s always my joy to see others happy.

6. Most at times, because my mind is always ready to arrange a song, I easily discern songs from inspiration whenever I see anything that inspires me through the day. Sometimes it can even be just a phrase on a board or a word I overheard a passerby saying. I’m highly sensitive with music. When I’m praying or reading the bible I get songs too. At times when I am in a good mood I create songs, in a bad mood I can do the same. Also in dreams, I wake up humming a song. Because I’m already sensitive and awake mentally to always create something, I’m able to remember what song I dream about and record for later processing. In other words, my creative ability transcends through other realms as long as my mind is always open for productivity.

7. First of all that would be my own talented brother ahead of others, Azariah Royster. A born bassist and a gospel artist. He played the iconic bass solo in the sensational Woara song which was released on Friday 3rd April 2020. Song is available on all digital platforms. Then follows two artists I’m currently working or planning on managing their music careers. Namely, Sylvia Boakye and Marilyn Boahen. Because I believe people who are doing well in ministry no matter their fame or popularity deserves uplifting. I see so many gospel artists rise to fame and still want to retain their fame without helping others. Well I see that as unchristian and a little bias in the field of work. We have to be responsible for things in the kingdom that needs support. Love goes above everything else.

8. I would love to tell all my fans to continue to press on in life. For there is always light at the end of the tunnel. Many at times, things may delay or tarry; but they shall surely come to pass. And also, they should always listen to my songs, for they carry anointing and high inspirations which will keep them connected to the Holy Spirit. And even non-christian fans out there, should use my songs as a capsule so it will work on them until they reconcile with God through Jesus Christ.

9. Hahaha! I would say every talent is useful. Therefore, I don’t have any useless talent lol.

10. Hahaha! Yes I do pretty sing and hum under the hot shower. Mostly the relaxation in the shower helps me recall mostly very old songs I composed when I was as little as 9 years old. And really it has helped me to rewrite all my very old songs again. Songs like, “I Will Lift Up Mine Eyes and God Of Israel” my own song I composed with my little sister, Angel Rachel lol. Sometimes from Joe Mettle, “Bonooni” and from Smokie Norful, “Run Till I Finish and I Need You Now”.

11. I would have been a UI/UX Designer or a Book Writer. Which I’m partially already in them aswell. But off course not as much time as in Music.

12. I performed in Ghana National Theatre with Ohemaa Mercy in 2010 during her official launching of “Wo Be Ye Kese”, I performed in Hamburg National Theatre (CCH), Germany with International Gospel Artistes and many several places worldwide. I’m currently in communications with CNN Broadcasting Cooparation (Cable News Network), USA for a promising feature on their network very soon. Fingers crossed.

13. Currently because we are in digital world, the internet is strongest medium which strongly impacts the enhancements of music today. As we even know, “they” are slowly trying to introduce 5G (5-Generation) Network to facilitate the speed of internet. As theirs is full concentration on music today, the internet’s impact is enormously greater than previously.

14. Wow, the question is hard haha! My favorite song to perform would be WOARA. I should say the currently trending song of the season and beyond.

15. Smokie Norful, Akesse Brempong, Donnie Mclurkin, Kirk Franklin, Joe Mettle, Diana Hamilton among others.

16. Hahaha! Well, misplaced a very valuable asset which was so excruciating to forget. But I let go anyway.

17. To humble myself, listen more and talk less.

18. I would have focused more on the upcoming artists to listen to them, help them based on their aspirations and institute new rules that would benefit both the old, current and new gospel artists. Because I believe once you are called, your are called for the benefit of the people and not for yourself. You chosen by God for an assignment and not for your self gain. Matthew 6:33 says, “seek ye first the kingdom of God and its righteousness and all other things shall be added unto you.” That would have been my motto for the industry so everyone knows, irrespective of your fame or whatever, we are all under a subjection, an assignment, to first of all help each other to the top and be an example to the world to be transformed to Christ Jesus. So that heaven will rejoice for our sake.

19. I have two major projects I’m looking forward to complete. First of all an Official Video for “Woara” which I’m hoping to work on it during the summer in Europe and secondly a genuine album project I’m working with my Worship Group in which I’m the leader, “Serenity Worship Group” believing God to finish in August and ready for the public.

20. Thank you for taking the time to ask me all these beautiful questions.



Source: – Ghana Churches News Portal

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