Christian Council of Ghana - CCGChristian Council of Ghana - CCG
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The Christian Council of Ghana (CCG) was founded on 30th October 1929 by five churches namely African Methodist Episcopal (AME), Zion Church, English Church Mission (Anglican), Ewe Presbyterian Church (now Evangelical Presbyterian Church); Presbyterian Church of the Gold Coast (now Ghana) and Wesleyan Methodist Church (now the Methodist Church Ghana). The purpose was the search for unity and to work with members on issues of social concern and be the voice of the voiceless in society. Currently the C.C.G. comprises twenty six member churches and three Christian Organizations.

The Christian Council of Ghana (CCG) is an umbrella group that unites 31 churches in Ghana. The council has its members from Charismatic, Pentecostal, Orthodox and other churches.

To be the Triune God‟s instrument for change in Ghana where the highest value is placed on Peace, Justice, Unity and Respect for the Dignity and Integrity of Creation.

Mission Statement
To strengthen the capacity of our members to contribute to achieving Justice, Unity, Reconciliation and Integrity of Creation among various sectors of Ghanaian society and provide a forum for joint action on issues of common interest. In seeking to achieve this, we are guided by the Holy Bible and, in all matters of national interest, remain non-partisan.

Who we are
The Christian Council apart from its core business of ecumenism is a Research Based Advocacy Institution in these four areas

Human Rights and Gender
Interfaith and Ecumenism
Social and Economic Justice


The goal of the Council in its new focus is to contribute to the development of a peaceful, just and equitable society in Ghana, where there would be an increased realization of social and economic rights of disadvantaged women, men and children in Ghana.

Christian Council of Ghana Logo
Christian Council of Ghana Logo

The Council seeks an increased engagement of itself, member churches and citizen groups with local and national government on social and economic policy and practice. This would assist to enable the Ghanaian government to be more accountable to its citizens.

Southern Sector (Head Office)
Northern Sector Office

History of the council
The CCG was formed on 30 October 1929. Five churches, namely:
African Methodist Episcopal (AME),
Zion Church, English Church Mission (Anglican),
Evangelical Presbyterian Church (then the Ewe Presbyterian Church),
Presbyterian Church of the Gold Coast (now Presbyterian Church Ghana), and
the Methodist Church Ghana (then the Wesleyan Methodist Church)

united aiming to work with various congregations on social matters and to speak for the voiceless in society.

Membership of the council

The council has been restructured several times since its formation. It currently includes 29 churches and two Christian organizations.

Current Membership

The Methodist Church Ghana,
Presbyterian Church of Ghana,
Evangelical Presbyterian Church of Ghana,
The Salvation Army,
African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church,
Christian Methodist Episcopal Church,
African Methodist Episcopal Church,
EDEN Revival Church,
Ghana Baptist Convention,
Evangelical Lutheran Church,
Religious Society of Friends,
Ghana Mennonite Church,
Greek Orthodox Church,
Christ Evangelical Mission,
Evangelical Church of Ghana,
Fellowship of Christian Churches,
Young Men’s Christian Association,
Young Women’s Christian Association,
Legon Interdenominational Church,
Anglican Diocese of Accra,
The Luke Society,
Ghana Evangelical Convention,
Accra Ridge Church,
Tema Joint Church,
Teshie/Nungua United Church,
Atomic Hills United Church,
Ghana Police Church,
Winners Chapel Ghana.

Links to Member Churches

Methodist Church Ghana
Presbyterian Church of Ghana
African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church
Christian Methodist Episcopal Church
African Methodist Episcopal Church
Evangelical Presbyterian Church of Ghana
Ghana Baptist Convention
Anglican Diocese of Accra
Ghana Police Church
Tema Joint Church
Legon Interdenominational Church
The Salvation Army


Young Men’s Christian Association
Young Women’s Christian Association

The council executives are Rev.Dr Ernest Adu-Gyamfi (Chairman) and Rev.Dr. Kwabena Opuni – Frimpong (General secretary).

The council undertakes various projects in Ghana. One of its major goals is the elimination of stigma and discrimination of people living with HIV/AIDS. The project trained community members in areas of the country that had high HIV/AIDS prevalence of 8–9%. The training involved basic facts about HIV/AIDS, stigma and discrimination among others.

The council has also set up an Interfaith Unit to educate Christians on the need for peaceful existence and tolerance among members of different faiths. The School Dropout Scholarship Programme promotes education among Liberian refugees in the Buduburam refugee settlement near Accra. The programme also identifies the causes and consequences of school dropout among the refugees.

In governance and nation building, the council monitors the activities of political parties and professional bodies in the country and offers advice to them. In 2005 the council appealed to Ghanaians and professional bodies to put the country’s economy nation first and spend more time discussing issues of national interest concerning education, health and poverty. In 2011 the council encouraged political party leaders and their followers to avoid the use of provocative language in their speeches.

Past Chairpersons

1929-34  Rt. Rev. J. O. Anglionby, Bishop of Accra

1935-37  Rev. C. W. Armstrong

1938-39  Rev. H. H. G. MacMillan

1940-43  Rev. M. B. Taylor

1944-45  Rev. J. Bardsley

1946-49  Rev. M. B. Taylor

1950  Rev. C. G. Baeta

1951  Rev. Canon C. H. Elliot

1952-53  Rt. Rev. J. C. Daly, Bishop of Accra

1953-56  Rev. S. G. Williamson

1956-57  Rev. C. G. Baeta

1957-60  Rev. G. T. Eddy

1960-63  Rev. C. G. Baeta

1963-65  Rev. F. C. F. Grant

1965-67  Rev. E. M. L. Odjidja

1967-68  Justice Nii Amaa Ollenu

1968-69  Rev. T. W. Koomson

1969-70  Col. S. J. Hill

1970-71  Rt. Rev. I. S. M. LeMaire

1971-72  Rev. A. K. Abutiate

1972- 75  Rt. Rev. G. K. Sintim-Misa

1975- 76  Rt. Rev. C. K. Yamoah

1976- 78  Rt. Rev. C. K. Dovlo

1979  C. Awotwi- Pratt

1980  Rt. Rev. Dr. I. S. M. LeMaire

1981  Rt. Rev. I. H. Frempong

1982-  83 Rt. Rev. Prof. N. K. Dzobo

1984  Rt. Rev. S.B. Essamuah

1985  Rt. Rev. F.W.B Thompson

1986  Rt. Rev. I.H. Frempong

1987  Rt. Rev. Prof. N. K. Dzobo

1988  Rt. Rev. J.S.A. Stephens

1989  Rt. Rev. F.W.B Thompson

1990  Rt. Rev. D. A. Koranteng

1991- 93  Rt. Rev. Prof. K.A. Dickson

1994- 95  Rt. Rev. F.W.B. Thompson

1996- 98  Col. John E. Amoah

1998- 2001  Rt. Rev. justice Offei Yaw Akrofi

2001- 2003  Rt. Rev. Dr. Sam Prempeh

2003- 2006  Rt. Rev. Dr. Paul Fynn

2006 – Rt. Rev. Dr. Yaw Frempong- Manso


Become A Member – Membership Procedure

Membership of the C.C.G is open to all Churches and Ecumenical/Para-Church Organisations in Ghana.
Mode of Application
Membership of C.C.G. begins by means of written application to the General Secretary of the Council. The applicant is required to submit the following documents together with the Application Letter and address it to the General Secretary, Christian Council of Ghana.

The constitution of the Church, Ecumenical or Para-church organization

The Background history of the Church/organisation and its Founder

Certificate of Registration

A support reference letter from an already existing full member church of C.C.G

Organisational chart and location of its headquarters

A comprehensive lists of its branches including oversees offices

Lists of church officers/Executive Board


Christian Council of Ghana Location and Address:
Awula Kpakpa Street, Osu
P.O. Box 919, Accra – Ghana.

Contact Details:
Phone: +233-30-2776 678
Fax: +233-30-2776725

Office Opening Hours
Mon – Thur: 9am – 4.30pm
and Fri: 9am – 3pm

I have a general enquiry:
Contact our Member Services Team on +233-302-776 678 or e-mail
I have an enquiry about membership:
Contact our Member Services Team +233-24-380 927 or e-mail
I have a media enquiry:
Contact our Manager Public Relations, on +233-24-380 927, +233-302-776 678 or email


Source: – Ghana Churches News Portal

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