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Prophetic Emmanuel Amoah is the founder and Senior Pastor of Calvary Redemption Church which by the grace of God over his life since birthed 1991.
The Lord commissioned him to build a resourceful centre to cultivate Kingdom culture in our world by raising leaders from the average followers of Christ. Over the years, the church has made a significant impact in the Nations of Ghana and beyond by planting churches within the regions of the country. The church was originally started in Kumasi and has since planted several branches and other networks alike.

Prophet Emmanuel’s years of successful dedication and service to mankind stemmed from his personal vision of “Restoring Mankind back to the original intend of his creator God” which translate into the following:

church (2)a) Re-connect man to his origin (God)

b) Walking in the fullness of God’s intent

c) Freedom from the enemies schemes and bondage

d) De-populate hell and populate heaven (Reaching the lost)

His message and dream is to get people to live the promise and not just talk about it, with this task comes with responsibility to create an atmosphere conductive to prepare for the heavenly mandate which the church now serves as the womb in birthing such individuals. The church is vibrant and Holy Ghost filled atmosphere which restores, reforms and refreshes.

Calvary Bible College

Emmanuel Amoah was instrument used by God to found Calvary Bible College in 1995, the vision given was to train, prepare and equip men and women for the end-time harvest with the demonstration of God’s power.

The objective of the college is to put skills and practical know-how into the hands of the common child of God which shall enable them facilitate the Kingdom culture in our society.

Over the years, the result has been phenomenon growth with students from across denominational backgrounds coming together with the hunger for the mysteries and riches in the written word of God. The college is inter-denominational from its insertion and has remain very much the same which has been the mark of uniqueness that attracts students from all creed in order to be trained for good works to the building of the Kingdom of God.

The Slogan for the college is (TRAINING TOMMOROW LEADERS TODAY). Over the years, we have seen hundreds and hundreds trained and are making great impact in Africa and the rest of the world. We are pleased and grateful to God for what he is doing through this extension of his grace.

The world is in need of such individuals-mature men and women patterned after the word of God with Ministries Prepared Spiritually, intellectually and practically for victories God intends for his Church. Men and Women filled with the desire to see the earth aflame with the glory of the Lord. Such a task requires much more than just education. Academic and spiritual excellences are the requirement at Calvary.

The college offers the following courses:
1. Leadership
2. Homiletics
3. Christian Doctrines One
4. The Five Fold Ministry
5. Comparative Religion
6. Church Administration
7. Church Planting & Growth
8. Biblical Missions
9. Pastoral Missions
10. Pastoral Care
11. Christian Doctrines Two
12. The Book of James
13. Bible Survey
14. Teaching Techniques
15. Christian Counselling
16. English Language
17. Church Government
18. Inductive Bible Study Method

Academic Calendar
January – June First Semester
July – December Second Semester
January – Graduation

Graduation Scenes
Presentation of Certificate

Diploma of Christian Ministry
Certificate of Christian Ministry

The Calvary Bible College is affiliated with Faith Bible College – New Zealand

Ministering in New York.

Reaching the lost Outreach
Prophet Emmanuel Amoah has the divine mandate to reach the lost with the Gospel of Salvation outside the church walls into the street, highways and public areas as the scripture says.

This part of God’s commission over his servant yield tremendous fruits in souls getting saved, sick been healed, oppressed been delivered and many more miracles.

The servant of the Lord in obedient to the heavenly call, has launched out in public crusades in different parts of the country, holding revival meetings all over the world with tremendous manifestation of God’s power which has resulted in blind eyes being opened, the incurable healed and deliverance from demonic activities and many more

Apostolic Prophetic Summit
The Apostolic Prophetic summit is the gathering of God’s Generals from across the world denominations for the sole purpose of open the STORE HOUSE OF GRAIN and OIL for the wounded Armies from the BATTLEFEILDS to feed from the TABLE OF THE LORD.

Rev. Emmanuel Amoah together with other partners have being organizing Apostolic Prophetic Leaders Summit
Rev. Emmanuel Amoah together with other partners have being organizing Apostolic Prophetic Leaders Summit

It is the Kairos moment of the divine where men and women of God with highly anointed in their respective offices, gifting and wisdom to impact and share with the armies of God. It is written in the divine manual (bible) that, IRON SHARPENS IRON, for this reason the vision to bring God’s army from their various challenges, difficulties frustrations aside in a nice Hotel to refresh, restores and rejuvenates the spirit of God over these precious men and women of God. In order to help avoid Burn-out which is becoming a great deal of concern in our world?

Contact Info: Rev. Emmanuel Amoah
+233-51-30729 or +233-27-7880592
Calvary Redemption Church, P.O.BOX 8728, Ahinsan – Kumasi, West Africa, Website:

Name: Rev. Emmanuel Amoah
Bank: Standard Chartered Bank – Ghana
Branch: Harper Road Branch – Adum – Kumasi
Account Number: 8700256775300
Swift code: SCBLGHAC

Source: – Ghana Churches News Portal

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