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Evangelist Actress Patience Ozokwor

Evangelist Patience Ozokwor, popularly known in the showbiz as Mama ‘G’ was born on September 14, 1958.

Nigeria Nollywood actress Patience Ozokwor isn’t just a veteran and talented, Popular for movies like “Submission, Old School, Authority, Behind Closed Doors, Private Sin, among others”.

Mama G, the actress earned the name after her role in the 2002 movie “Old School” but she actually shot into limelight in 1999 after starring in the movie “Authority”.

Ozokwor is a Nigerian actress musician, fashion designer, gospel singer, and actress. She won the Best Supporting Actress award at the 10th Africa Movie Academy Awards.

Ozokwor was among 100 Nigerians honored by the government to celebrate the amalgamation of the northern and southern protectorates in 2014.

Patience Ozokwor Age

She was born on March 25th, 1958 in Ngwo, Nigeria. She is 60 years old as of 2019.

Patience Ozokwor Net Worth

Ozokwor has been earning since she joined the film industry in Nigeria. Her networth is still under review and will be updated soon.

Patience Ozokwor Daughter

Her only biological daughter is Chioma Nnenna Lameya Ozokwor. The daughter married her heartthrob Chielozona Ugwu Ani in Enugu, Nigeria.

Patience Ozokwor Children|Kids

She has three biological children and adopted five other children who bear her name. Her 1st son is an engineer while her last born is a professional soccer player with Rangers International football club in Enugu.

Patience Ozokwor Husband – Patience Ozokwor Husband Death

The actress got married at the age of 19 in an arranged marriage. Although she had many suitors at the time but her parents forced her to get married at an early age for reasons she didn’t know. While marriage was not easy for her, she remained in it. She learned later to love her husband and he was her companion until he died in 2000. Patience says she still misses him after a decade of him passing away.

Patience Ozokwor Early Life.

She attended Abimbola Gibson Memorial School in Lagos. She won the Best Supporting Actress award at the 10th Africa Movie Academy Awards. Ozokwor was among 100 Nigerians honored by the government to celebrate the amalgamation of the northern and southern protectorates in 1914.

When asked about her roles, Ozokwor said: “When I play the role of a bad woman, I see myself at that instance as a mirror through which I want society to see and appreciate the fact that it is not good to be bad. This is the reason I do it with so much passion that it becomes almost believable and by extension, I also see such roles as an opportunity to minister to lost and wicked souls that jealousy, hatred, envy and all the likes can only bring one to ruins.”

Patience Ozokwor Daughter Tonto Dike

Tonto Dike’s mother passed away when she was aged three. She was the third born out of five, but years later, her father remarried and got two more children. As she was growing up, life was not easy for Tonto, but she worked hard to ensure that she became a popular Nigerian celebrity. Therefore based on the biographies of Patience and Tonto, it is evident that they are not related to each other at all.

How did you feel when you received the Centenary award?

Patience Ozokwor: I feel very elated to have received the award because it is a sign that Nigerians appreciate my good work. It is indeed a dream come through for me as a thespian, and I promise to always make Nigeria and Africa proud with my work.

How do you feel about all your achievements as an actress?

Patience Ozokwor: Stardom has to take me to so many countries in the world. I have been able to meet presidents of different nations. And I appreciate the fact that people commend and appreciate my acting skills whenever they meet me anywhere in Nigeria and outside the country, which gives me great pleasure and ability to work harder, knowing that I have fans all over the world is worth celebrating.

How has Nollywood helped to transform Nigeria?

Patience Ozokwor: Our movies have been able to affect people’s lives as well as make them happy. In fact, Nollywood has transformed Nigeria’s image abroad positively and I am delighted to be part of this achievement.

Has your profession affected your life positively?

Patience Ozokwor: I have been able to assist my family financially through my work, my children were able to go to school and they are living a comfortable life with their families as graduates by the special grace of God. In fact, the movie industry has affected my life positively in every ramification and I don’t have any regret of being an actress and I give God all the glory.

Have you achieved all that you set out to achieve?

Patience Ozokwor: I have not yet achieved everything, personally there are things that I have in mind to do in the industry, but when I look back there is nobody yet qualified to take over the mantle from me. And I pray that God will raise someone that will be better than me, which will be a great achievement to have someone who will replace me when I finally leave the industry.

Would you support any of your children to go into entertainment?

Patience Ozokwor: My second son is already into entertainment, he has a music record label. While my daughter ended up in the church drama. Though my son acted in a few movies before he left for the United Kingdom, hopefully, he may do more in acting or movie directing in the future. And I will give him every encouragement if he decides to go into acting professionally because he is passionate about entertainment.

While growing up did you ever think of becoming a movie star?

Patience Ozokwor: I have always been an entertainer from childhood, so getting to the level I have attained in the industry is by the grace of God, consistency and hard work.

Could you share some of the experiences you had in your early days as an actress that almost discouraged you?

Patience Ozokwor: During my early days, sometimes when I get to the location with a script, they would tell me someone has taken my place, which was so disappointing. But I endured and believed God for mine, and He gave me what belongs to me. Today, God has celebrated me as an icon and I give God all the glory.

Your husband died in 2000, precisely 14 years ago, how is life as a widow?

Patience Ozokwor: God has always been on my side because without Him there is nothing we can do. Again, I lived in the village, maybe if I were living in the city, things would be happening to me and nobody will know what I was passing through. And my people in the village know that I am always on location working either in the eastern part of the country or Lagos and Abuja. But when I am not working you will see me in the comfort of my home in the village. I appreciate my people for all their love and peaceful co-existence which I am enjoying. My husband’s family loves me so much, even before I became a star; we were so attached to each other. Everyone in the family calls me Patia; they are fond of me.

Are you saying you still live in the village?

Patience Ozokwor: I don’t live in the city; I still live in my village. It is nice to live in the countryside where everyone is everybody’s business. (Laughter).

Not minding the fact that you are a celebrity?

Patience Ozokwor: If you see the way people appreciate me in my village, whenever I go to the market to shop everyone will be calling me ‘Mama G’, ‘Gee’ for general, in fact, you will appreciate me more. But my office is located in Enugu town. So, I enjoy living in the village, my hometown. I still live my life of simplicity regardless of fame.

How do you manage to shuttle from the village to other parts of the country?

Patience Ozokwor: I have a guest house in Lagos where some of my jobs are concentrated like soaps, endorsements, commercials and shooting of movies. I have a three-bedroom flat in Asaba. Because I am tired of staying in public hostels, some are sub-standard; and sometimes you run into small girls that you know. So, I decided to rent an apartment each in Lagos and Asaba for comfort. I have adopted children who I take on holidays, so because I would not like them to grow up in the village without being exposed to city life when they are on long vacation and I am in Nigeria, I take them to Lagos or Asaba for a change of environment.

Your son had his wedding in the United Kingdom sometimes ago and your daughter also got married in Nigeria, how many children do you have?

Patience Ozokwor: I have three biological children. But because of my love for children, I adopted five other children who bear my name and I am very proud of them as my children. But I intend giving two among them to my younger sister to love as I have been doing. I am grateful to God for their lives, my son-in-law and beautiful daughter-in-law I love you all.

Your late husband was supportive of your career, would you say you miss his presence now that you have hit stardom, especially being honored with the Centenary award?

Patience Ozokwor: I wish my husband were alive to witness my Centenary award because he was highly supportive of my career. Though he was sick for a long time before he died, I wish he were still alive. But God knows the best. May his soul rest in perfect peace.

What did you really miss about him?

Patience Ozokwor: I miss the togetherness when two people work together trying to train the children, bringing them up in unity and love. And all the affection he showered on us. I miss the way he celebrated my children’s birthdays, he was a true father and husband when he was alive. I miss my husband’s companionship and love.

Have you ever acted any role related to your experience as a widow?

Patience Ozokwor: Of course, one or two things that happened to you as a widow will definitely come up in the movies, but I have not acted any widowhood role that has to do with my experience as a widow negatively. My in-laws have been very supportive and caring; we have always lived like one big family. I always visit them in the United Kingdom, the United States of America and those in Nigeria are united in love with me. When my husband was hospitalized, my sister-in-law and I were taking care of him; she stayed with him at nights while I took over from her in the morning before going to the location. On that fateful day, I was on location when my husband died, before my sister-in-law arrived at the hospital. Thereafter, they informed me about his death and they put him in the mortuary and asked me to continue with my job, because they understand my kind of job, but I blatantly refused. I took permission from the producer and stayed away for some days. I later came back to finish the production of the movie.

Tell us about your parents?

Patience Ozokwor: My parents were loving and caring, I miss them so much. My mother was a popular trader. I never had it rough as a child, I only had it rough when my husband fell sick, but my in-laws did not leave me, they took care of my husband’s hospital bills. It’s just that you don’t have to wait for people to survive; instead you struggle to make life meaningful for yourself.

You are looking younger and beautiful even at your age, are you thinking about remarrying?

Patience Ozokwor: It is not about my look but my age. I am not thinking about remarrying. Since my husband died, I have been rearing my children to the glory of God. And I decided to occupy my mind on my job and service to God to give my children the best in life.

How old are you now?

Patience Ozokwor: I was born on March 25, 1958, so do the calculation.

At 56, you are looking elegant. What is the secret behind your healthy look?

Patience Ozokwor: God is the secret behind my ageless look, and I also eat what my body needs, I take a lot of fruits and exercise when it’s necessary. And most imperatively, I don’t drink alcohol because I have realized that alcohol does a lot of damage to the body and makes you look older than your age.

Nollywood producers have stereotyped you with roles that make you get bad remarks, how have these roles affected your life?

Patience Ozokwor: I don’t owe anybody any apology for the roles I play, because I get paid for them and it is my job. It is only people who don’t understand that acting makes belief that perceive an actor to be living his or her life the way she acts on set. If I could read my script and interpret the role to get the best production, it means I understand acting.

Who is Patience Ozokwor outside the set?

Patience Ozokwor: I am a very loving mother, nice, caring, jovial, understanding, and above all God fearing. But I don’t take nonsense because I am a disciplinarian.

You attended teachers training college were you nursing the idea of becoming a teacher?

Patience Ozokwor: I attended teachers training college in Afikpo; and then I proceeded to IMT, Enugu where I studied Fine and Applied Arts, specializing in Graphics. But I am not a teacher today, because my interest is in acting where my passion also lies.

Patience Ozokwor Movies

  1. Old School
  2. Personal Desire
  3. Personal Desire 2
  4. Act Of Faith
  5. After My Heart
  6. Erak & Eran
  7. Battle Of Religion
  8. After My Heart 4
  9. Bottom Of My Heart
  10. Bottom Of My Heart 2
  11. Critical Truth
  12. Female Lion
  13. Female Lion 2
  14. Heart Of A Slave
  15. Heart Of A Slave 2
  16. Heaven After Hell
  17. Heaven After Hell 2
  18. Husband My Foot
  19. Husband My Foot 2
  20. Naked Wrestler
  21. Naked Wrestler 2
  22. Onoja
  23. Onoja 2
  24. Sin No More 1 & 2
  25. Sin No More 2
  26. Strength To Strength
  27. Strength To Strength 2
  28. The Evil Queen
  29. The Evil Queen 2
  30. The Plain Truth
  31. The Plain Truth 2
  32. Area Mama
  33. Area Mama 2
  34. Away Match
  35. Away Match 2
  36. Blood Apart
  37. Blood Apart 2
  38. Divine Twins
  39. Divine Twins 2
  40. Evil Agenda
  41. Evil Forest
  42. Final Kingdom
  43. Final Kingdom 2
  44. Goddess Of The Sun
  45. Goddess Of The Sun 2
  46. Heavy War
  47. Help Me Out 2
  48. Highest Offence
  49. Highest Offence 2
  50. My Vision 3
  51. Holy Man 2
  52. Grave Minds
  53. I Need A Husband
  54. I Need A Husband 2
  55. Kingdom Apart
  56. Kingdom Apart 2
  57. Legal War
  58. Dog Of War
  59. Legal War 3
  60. Lions Den
  61. Lions Den 2
  62. Lost In The Jungle
  63. King Of My Village
  64. Love And Age
  65. Love And Age 2
  66. Love And Likeness
  67. Love And Likeness 2
  68. Mountains Of Evil
  69. Mountains Of Evil 2
  70. Naked Kingdom
  71. Naked Kingdom 2
  72. Old Testament
  73. Old Testament 2
  74. Only Daughter
  75. Only Daughter 2
  76. Passion Of My Blood
  77. Passion Of My Blood 2
  78. Pride Of A Woman
  79. Pride Of A Woman 2
  80. Saved By Sin
  81. Saved By Sin 2
  82. Silent Rage
  83. Silent Rage 2
  84. Try & See
  85. Try & See 2
  86. Unfinished Business
  87. Unfinished Business 2
  88. Will Of God
  89. Will Of God 2
  90. The Monster: Demon In-Law 3
  91. Abuja Top Ladies
  92. Abuja Top Ladies 2
  93. Abuja Top Ladies 3
  94. Aguba Igogoro
  95. Alice My First Lady
  96. Alice My First Lady 2
  97. Asunder
  98. Asunder 2
  99. Beyond Dreams
  100. Beyond Dreams 2
  102. Chicken Madness 2
  103. Dear Mama
  104. Deep Bondage
  105. Cry To God 2
  106. Demon In-Law
  107. Demon In-Law 2
  108. Desperate Women
  109. Desperate Women 2
  110. Divided Attention
  111. Divided Attention 2
  112. Dry My Tears
  113. Dry My Tears 2
  114. End Of Battle
  115. End Of Battle 2
  116. Final Surrender
  117. Double Mind 2
  118. Apology
  119. Living In Pain 2
  120. My Love My Sorrow
  121. My Love My Sorrow 2
  122. My Mother’s Decision
  123. My Mother’s Decision 2
  124. No Where To Run
  125. No Where To Run 2
  126. Peace Talk
  127. Peace Talk 2
  128. Plain Truth
  129. Pounds And Dollars 2
  130. Sacred Blood
  131. Return To Me
  132. Soul Engagement
  133. Suspicion
  134. Soul Engagement 3
  135. Sweet Mama
  136. Sweet Mama 2
  137. The Broken Shield
  138. The Broken Shield 2
  139. The Devil In Her
  140. The Devil In Her 2
  141. The Final Days
  142. The Final Days 2
  143. The Hard Solution
  144. The Humble Lion
  145. The Humble Lion 2
  146. The Return Of Mama-G
  147. Total Crisis
  148. Total Crisis 2
  149. Soldiers Of The Lord
  150. U General 2
  151. Upside Down
  152. Upside Down 2
  153. Winning Your Love
  154. Winning Your Love 2
  155. Authentic Mama
  156. Bandit Queen
  157. Broken Ambition
  158. Behind Closed Doors
  159. Behind Closed Doors 2
  160. Crying Angel
  161. Crying Angel 2
  162. Dangerous Blood
  163. Dangerous Blood 2
  164. Divided Kingdom
  165. Divided Kingdom 2
  166. End Of Dreams
  167. End Of Dreams 2
  168. Good News
  169. Good News 2
  170. Heavy Storm 2
  171. I Need A Man
  172. I Need A Man 2
  173. Ladies World
  174. Ladies World 2
  175. Love Is A Game
  176. Love Is A Game 2
  177. Men At War
  178. Men At War 2
  179. My Business
  180. Rings Of Fire
  181. Rings Of Fire 2
  182. Royal Palace
  183. Saving The Crown
  184. Return Of Mama G
  185. Shock 2
  186. Soul On Fire
  187. Soul On Fire 2
  188. The Corridors Of Power
  189. The Successor
  190. The Corridors Of Power 3
  191. Torn Apart
  192. Torn Apart 2
  193. Ways Of The Heart
  194. Ways Of The Heart 2
  195. War And Romance
  196. What A Mother
  197. Woman Of Authority
  198. Women In Power 2
  199. You & I Forever
  200. You & I Forever 2
  201. Annabel
  202. Annabel 2
  203. Wrong Choice
  204. Eyin Oka 2
  205. Fateful Love
  206. Fateful Love 2
  207. Forbidden Love
  208. Heritage 2
  209. Two Aside
  210. Indulgence 2
  211. Love After Love
  212. Mama-G In America
  213. Mama, I Will Die For You
  214. Millionaire’s Daughter
  215. Millionaire’s Daughter 2
  216. Mothers-In-Law
  217. My First Love
  218. My First Love
  219. My Mother My Marriage
  220. My Mother My Marriage 2
  221. My Woman
  222. Old School 2
  223. Old School 3
  224. Palace Gold
  225. The Staff Of Odo
  226. Upside Down 1&2
  227. Arrows
  228. The Flute
  229. Billionaires Club
  230. Blindfolded Men
  231. Billionaires Club 3
  232. Broken Marriage 2
  233. Blood Sister 2
  234. By His Grace
  235. Cry No More
  236. Deceiver
  237. Emotional Crack
  238. Evil Woman
  239. Forever Yours
  240. Forever Yours 2
  241. Last Miracle
  242. Market Sellers
  243. Market Sellers 2
  244. Mr. Trouble
  245. Mr. Trouble 2
  246. No Place To Play
  247. Onunaeyi: Seeds Of Bondage
  248. Emotional Blackout 2
  249. Price Of The Wicked 2
  250. Princess Buttem
  251. Private Sin
  252. Private Sin 2
  253. The Cross Of Love
  254. The Storm Is Over
  255. The Storm Is Over 2
  256. Under Fire
  257. Women Affair
  258. $1: One Dollar
  259. Christian Marriage
  260. Fire On The Mountain
  261. Fearless Woman
  262. Miracle
  263. Miracle 2
  264. Okwu Na Uka
  265. Blood For Blood
  266. Pretender
  267. Pretender 2
  268. Submission
  269. Sunrise
  270. Sunrise 2
  271. The Final Clash
  272. The Final Clash 2
  273. Desperadoes
  274. Genesis Of Fire
  275. WaterfallS
  276. Greedy Genius 2
  277. Mothering Sunday
  278. Return Of My Pride
  279. Terrible Sin 2
  280. Ukwa
  281. Ukwa 2
  282. Unscrupulous
  283. Now And Forever
  284. Godless Woman 2
  285. Lost But Found 2
  286. Hatred
  287. Millionaire’s Widow 1
  288. Millionaire’s Widow 2
  289. Palace Maid 1 & 2
  290. The Mistress 1 & 2
  291. My Christian Faith
  292. Bless The Marriage
  293. Men Do Cry
  294. Fishers Of Men
  295. Beauty And The Beast
  296. Coincidence
  297. Mortal Pain
  298. Scent Of A Woman
  299. Cross Of Love
  300. Cross Of Love 2
  301. Naked Weapon 1 & 2
  302. Untold Truth
  303. Father’s Blood
  304. Ransom
  305. Hope For Tomorrow
  306. Evil Manipulation
  307. Millenium Lady
  308. Secret Of The Mind
  309. Deadly Emotion
  310. Indian Doctor
  311. Marcus D Millionaire
  312. The Evangelist
  313. A Woman’s Authority
  314. The Empress
  315. North And South
  316. My Baby
  317. Money In The Bank
  318. My Future
  319. Okada Man
  320. 2 Rat
  321. Crazy Landlord
  323. Against My Wish
  324. By All Means
  325. Prophecy
  326. Fatal Mistake
  327. Givers Never Lack
  328. Hard Solution
  329. Heavy Thunder
  330. In The Beginning
  331. New Jerusalem
  332. No Nonsense
  333. The Promise
  334. Police Woman
  335. The Untold
  336. Ujuaku The Tigress
  337. Last Men
  338. Princess Myra
  339. Before The Sunrise
  340. Missing Child
  341. Broken Soul
  342. Garden Of Love And Tears
  343. King’s Battle
  344. Gaza Treasure
  345. Stooges
  346. Lifted Soul
  347. Kings Desire
  348. Battle Of Destiny
  349. A Date With Destiny
  350. Garden Of Love
  351. Confidence
  352. Beloved Twins
  353. Marriage Business
  354. Odum 2
  355. Amina
  356. The Vultures
  357. Early Grave 2
  358. Final Wheel
  359. Die Hards
  360. Love And Edge
  361. Lifted By Grace
  362. Royal Coup
  363. Through The Fire 2
  364. Web Of Mistake
  365. What Went Wrong
  366. Reincarnation
  367. Prince Of Destiny
  368. War Without End
  369. Dancing Hall
  370. Gone Forever
  371. Evil Chamber
  372. Family Friend
  373. Second Chances
  374. Return Of Kings Battle
  375. Senator 2
  376. Holy Anger
  377. Price Of The Wicked
  378. Price Of Destiny
  379. The Price Of Sacrifice
  380. Wheel Of Life
  381. Igbu Du
  382. Ungodly Generation
  383. Black Image
  384. Voicemail 2
  385. Open And Close
  386. Lost But Found
  387. Revenge Of The Gods
  388. End Of Widow’s Tears
  389. Burial Bussiness
  390. Daughters Of Ages
  391. Honourable
  392. Strange Affection
  393. Iron Ladies
  394. My Life Story
  395. My Only Hope
  396. Return Of Miracle
  397. Morning Joy
  398. Ijabu
  399. Desperate Soul
  400. Caught In The Middle
  401. Lord’s Chosen
  402. Royal Lust
  403. Plane Crash
  404. Stubborn Doctor
  405. Okoro
  406. Oganigwe
  407. Havoc
  408. Combined Business
  409. Deceptive Mind
  410. Secret In Mind
  411. My Saviour
  412. Love In Berlin
  413. Moments Of Maddness 2
  414. Tolerance II
  415. To Rise Again 2
  416. Save My Home
  417. Royal Wives
  418. Marcus “D” Millionaire
  419. Lady On The Move 2
  420. In The Name Of The Lord
  421. Family Disgrace 2
  422. Dying For A Nation 2
  423. Compulsory Risk 2
  424. Black Angel 1 & 2
  425. End Of Pride 1 & 2
  426. Secret Courage
  427. Final Coincidence
  428. By Fire By Thunder
  429. Mansion Models
  430. Power Of A Kiss
  431. Son Of The Soil
  433. A Woman’s Honor
  434. Twisted Fate
  435. Before My Wife
  436. Late Arrival
  437. Loss Of Trust
  438. Revenge
  439. Emergency Wedding
  440. Emotions Blackout
  441. Igede
  442. King From Nowhere
  443. Eg’gwe
  444. Show Me Your Kindness
  445. Two Became One
  446. Rihanna Returns
  447. Palace Scandal
  448. Evil Shadow
  449. Fake Identity
  450. Game Of Dons
  451. The Hour Has Come
  452. My Beloved Wife
  453. Wicked Time
  454. Wind Of Mistake
  455. The Bombshell
  456. Return Of Blood Sisters
  457. Cast Away
  458. Last Day
  459. Out Of Cage
  460. Power Play
  461. Prince Of Peace
  462. Infinite Mercy
  463. Sisters At War
  464. Congo Boy In The City
  465. Happy New Year
  466. Mine Forever
  467. Orija Shrine
  468. He Goat
  469. Holy Love And Violence
  470. Hlep
  471. Way Of The Heart
  472. Stone Face
  473. Blood On Fire
  474. Cats Of Darkness
  475. Buried In Heaven
  476. Money Love
  477. Heartless
  478. Holy Kidnappers
  479. Wrong Money
  480. Sorrow To Joy
  481. Making Of The King
  482. American Villager
  483. Firefox
  484. Life After Death
  485. Woman To Woman
  486. The Champion Sportsman
  487. Owerri Soup
  488. Arrangee Mama
  489. Fulton Mansion
  490. Madam Chelsea
  491. Return Of The King
  492. Total Sin
  493. Sisters On Fire
  494. A Dance For The Prince


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