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Rev Dr Mary Ghansah
Rev Dr Mary Ghansah

Dr Mary Ghansah is an ordained Minister of the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. She is a renowned gospel singer and a prolific song writer, a worshiper, who has written some of the many songs that we sing in our churches today in Ghana and elsewhere.

Mary Ghansah is also well known for her worship services, in which many have been healed; delivered from oppression and despair; many coming to know the Lord and restored to new life.

In September 1986 the Lord led Mary Ghansah into a three day Praise and Worship night dubbed: Praises and Worship in Zion at the then Meridian Hotel (Tema) from the 9th to the 11th of that month which began the official launching of Mary’s Praise and Worship ministry under the name “Praise and Worship in Zion”.

After this event saw Mary Ghansah ministering across the length and breadth of the country to: churches, second cycle & tertiary schools, Para-church organisations etc.

Since then it has been the burden on her heart to minister to people through songs and preaching in Africa, Europe and United States of America.

Mary Ghansah has earned the accolades as the ’lady with the guitar’ and the mother of gospel music.

Though there was a break in her ministering career for some time, this break saw Mary Ghansah undertake some other activities such as:

  • Member of Power House Evangelistic Ministry, Tema
  • Assist. Music director (glorious vibration Inc),
  • A Bachelor of Arts Degree in Theology
  • Awarded honorary doctorate degree in philosophy by New Covenant International University (Lakeworth, Florida, USA) on 20th October, 2012.

Mary has several songs to here credit. Some of whch are:

  • Okokroko,
  • Onyame Ndae
  • Agyenkwa Jesus
  • Onyame ye odo
  • Onipa ben neni
  • What a friend
  • Onyame se ayeyi
  • You are my everything
  • Enkaa Ekyire
  • Sweet Jesus
  • And many others.

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